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Why do some of the nation's leading companies turn to Intersect?

Best-in-Class Partners

Since 2001, Intersect’s collaboration with best-in-class design and manufactuing partners distinguishes its products. Alliance partners are ISO 9001 certified with world class capabilities in national and international design and manufacture.

ASCO Power Technologies

Working with the nation’s leading automatic transfer switch company, ASCO Power Technologies (now Vertiv), Intersect offers a range of performance-built, factory integrated and tested Power Transfer Load Centers, Surge-Protected Transfer Switches, Integrated Load Centers, and Custom Products. Intersect is proud to be a channel to ma rket for ASCO, and all Intersect panels with automatic transfer switches are designed, developed, and manufactured with ASCO’s expertise.

ASCO Services, Inc.

Intersect contracts for warranty support of the ASCO-designed and manufactured automatic transfer switches and panels with ASCO Services, Inc. Nationwide, technicians are available to perform warranty support or to offer upgrade or installation services. Intersect’s long-term, volume relationship affords you competitive quotes for services performed by ASCO Services.


Short lead times and concept to production manufacturing are hallmarks of the products that Intersect offers with Pantrol. Many Intersect panels with manual transfer switches, telco box enclosures, and safety boxes, and the ICL Series of Cam-Lok generator connection panels are offered in alliance with Pantrol.

Premier Manufacturing

High volume, quick-to-market production requirements are addressed for Intersect by Premier Manufacturing. Demand for the ICGC Series of Cam-Lok generator connection panels in the first year of release totaled more than five thousand units. Orders shipped and delivered on time and within quality specifications. Time to market challenges, from design to release with appropriate UL listings, are addressed by Intersect with Premier.


Strikesorb surge protection modules manufactured by Raycap Electronic Protection Systems are Intersect’s preferred AC power safeguard. Strikesorb prevents successive electrical surges from causing damage, eliminating the risk of power quality threats including lightning, windstorms, power outages, heavy electrical machinery turning off/on, and other electrical and environmental hazards. Raycap can design and produce a variety of surge protection options including PCB-mounted MOV and MOV/SAD protection for custom protection requirements in Intersect products.

WBE Certified Diversity Supplier

As a certified Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), orders placed with Intersect may be credited towards Supplier Diversity spend. Intersect offers you the quality and capacity of world-class manufacturers with the caring, empowered staff of a small business. WBE Certification is available upon request or on the CPUC website.


When you depend on power, depend on Intersect.


Mary Munger, President and Founder
Mary L. Munger
President & Founder

A Track Record of Success

Sales in excess of $12 million per annum evidence the enthusiastic customer response to Intersect’s integrated cabinet and panel solutions.

Founded in 2001, Intersect is the second start-up led by Mary Lou Munger, an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in corporate leadership, business development, and sales.  For more than a decade, the second-in-command of the business, Carrie Paulson, has headed the sales and customer service team.

Recognizing that small businesses may best serve the market by carving out a product niche, Intersect has chosen to provide a market path for customer-driven products with design and manufacturing partners who are willing to focus on innovation and to exceed performance requirements with value-driven innovations. Software communication capabilities are among the newest innovations: Modbus and SNMP connectivity features provide benefits for remote monitoring and alarms.

Intersect is defined by its customer service. Intersect is a small business with empowered employees who provide rapid and transparent responses to questions that range from delivery times to custom panel designs. With quality from best-in-class partners, agility gained from a flat organizational structure and experience in its market niche, Intersect’s goal is to bring products to market faster, at lesser prices, and with pioneering features and benefits.



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