About Intersect, Inc

Why do some of the nation's leading companies turn to Intersect?

Best-in-Class Partners

Since 2001, Intersect’s collaboration with best-in-class design and manufacturing partners distinguishes its products.  Alliance partners are ISO 9001 certified or compliant with world class capabilities in national and international design and manufacture.


ASCO Power Technologies

Working with the nation’s leading automatic transfer switch company, ASCO Power Technologies, Intersect offers a range of performance-built, factory integrated and tested Power Transfer Load Centers, Integrated Load Centers, Surge-Protected Transfer Switches, and Custom Products.  Intersect is proud to be a channel to market for ASCO, and all Intersect panels with automatic transfer switches are designed, developed and manufactured with ASCO’s expertise.


ASCO Services, Inc.

Intersect contracts for warranty support of the ASCO-designed and manufactured automatic transfer switches and panels with ASCO Services, Inc. Nationwide, technicians are available to perform warranty support or to offer upgrade of installation services. Intersect’s long-term, volume relationship affords its customers the opportunity for competitive quotes for services performed by ASCO Services, Inc. (ASI).


Premier Manufacturing

High volume, quick-to-market production requirements are addressed for Intersect by Premier Manufacturing.  Demand for the ICGC Series of CamLok generator connection panels in the first year of release totaled more than five thousand units. The ICGCs shipped on time and within quality specifications—a hallmark of the Premier-Intersect relationship with vertical integration from design to manufacturing.  



Strikesorb modules patented and manufactured by Raycap are Intersect’s preferred AC surge protection devices.  Strikesorb modules prevent successive surges from causing damage: eliminating the risk of damage due to power quality threats including lightning, windstorms, power outages, and “spikes” from the turning off and on of heavy electrical loads.  Raycap is an international design and manufacturer of surge protection devices that also include PCB-mounted MOV and MOV/SAD hybrid products.  


Supplier Diversity

California Public Utilities Commission certifies that Intersect is a Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).  Current certification is available upon request to Intersect, email solutions@intersectinc.com.


When you depend on power, depend on Intersect.

Corporate Mission

Intersect’s mission is to bring world-class integrated switchgear and power protection products to market fastest, at lowest prices, and with pioneering features and benefits. Intersect has a flat organizational structure to enable empowered employees to respond to buyers and suppliers with honesty and integrity, as soon and as wholly as possible.   


Corporate Responsibility

As a Women Owned Business Small Business Enterprise, Intersect supports the performance arts, athletics and mental and physical health.  Intersect’s business footprint is minimal by design.  Intersect relies upon software rather than paper trails; offers employees the opportunity to work from their homes; and encourages accountability and responsibility through benefits such as health savings, 401k and merit-based compensation.


Corporate Sustainability

Intersect is a wholesale distributor, strategically organized to leverage its high-volume sales in support of global businesses such as ASCO Power Technology—a business unit of Schneider Electric—and Raycap—a premier innovator in the custom design and resolution of power protection systems.  Through these international alliances, as well as through its partnership with Premier Manufacturing in Washington State, Intersect is a channel to market for mission-critical, low voltage switchgear and cabinets that assure that power is always on and vital electronics are operational.  




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