Power Transfer Centers are available for 200 amp and 400 amp, 120/240 and 120/208 applications rated up to 42kAIC. The aluminum enclosures are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, NEMA Type 3R. The Type 3R enclosure is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

To switch between the utility and emergency power, the PTC includes either an ASCO automatic transfer switch or a mechanically interlocked manual transfer switch. For three-source configurations, the automatic transfer switch is supplemented by a mechanically interlocked manual transfer switch enabling users to select between a permanent or a mobile backup power source. The robust ASCO ATS features a double throw, single solenoid transfer mechanism, microprocessor controls, is UL 1008 Listed, and complies with NFPA 110 for emergency and standby power systems.

Critical loads connected to the PTC may be safeguarded by Strikesorb surge protection.

The PTC Series is ideal for retrofits. Existing load centers may be connected to the PTC to offer automatic transfer from the utility to backup power in the event of a power outage. The PTC may be equipped with the Intersect ICGC to provide universal Cam-Lok style connectors for simple back-up power connectivity. The PTC and the ICGC both are pad-lockable assuring the integrity of the equipment and insuring that the equipment will be available to keep your power on during power outages.


PTC Data Sheets

AA-G-3S-3R-CL-PTC Series

MTS Series



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