Stikesorb is a registered trademark of Raycap, Corp. Unique and patented, Strikesorb never leaves your equipment unprotected.

Sensitive electronics are exposed to potentially damaging power variances every day, sometimes many times each day. Without protection, power surges can damage or even permanently destroy your equipment.

At telecommunications sites, inadequate surge protection may mean that customers are left without service. At businesses, inadequate surge protection may mean that gas cannot be pumped, groceries cannot be sold, and profits can be lost. At homes, inadequate surge protection may put your family at risk from the elements, from fire, or from intruders. One lightning strike may mean damage to refrigerators, large screen TVs, and computers or other electronics.

Strikesorb never leaves critical equipment unprotected, often handling repetitive strikes even from environmental threats such as electrical storms or commercial risks such as utility outages. Strikesorb couples high energy handling capability with very low let-through voltages, offering state of the art, superior protection.

Key Features:
  • Heavy duty distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) disk

  • Uniform distribution of surge current over the MOV disk ensures high energy handling capability and ability to withstand multiple surges

  • Recognized by UL for use without an additional internal fuse

Key Benefits:
  • Cost-effective and maintenance-free operation, even in harsh environments or areas with poor power quality

  • Optimum protection for sensitive electronics

  • Critical equipment is never unprotected

  • Integrates in Intersect PTLCs, PTCs and Custom Panels


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