Site ancillary equipment may be housed in Telco or Safety Boxes designed by Intersect.

Integrated solutions combining transfer switches and panel boards with surge protection and other components are Intersect’s high volume product lines.  Yet the focus always has been to satisfy unique customer requirements.

Customers bring unique and innovative opportunities for new or retrofit products.  Cost factors, including installation and inventory expenses, drive some designs while other designs are developed to minimize wall space or to provide new features and functions. 

Your needs may be met by a slight modification to an existing product or may require a new cabinet and components.  The agility of a small business combined with the skills of multiple suppliers enable Intersect to address custom product requests.


Telco/Safety Data Sheets

Telco and Safety Boxes



Contact Intersect, Inc. for more information or if there are specific requirements not addressed by the limited parts list presented on the website.

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